María Graciela Morales
Country Manager
Phone: + 511 22 12 819
Address: Av Pardo y Aliaga 640. Piso 8. San Isidro
C.P 15073, Lima – Perú


Selection and Headhunting

We help companies find and hire the best qualified professionals on the market that fit their corporate culture. We hire local and international talent.


We supplement the selection of the best qualified professionals with a comprehensive service for the administrative management of talent.


We offer training tailored to the needs of each company to provide the tools to workers with great potential to improve their professional performance and undertake new responsibilities.

Talent development

Group and individual assessments help to detect the needs within the organisation in order to establish the tools to be put in place for the company to function correctly.

  • Group and individual assessments.
  • Workplace climate assessments.
  • Consulting for needs detection.


We have different contracted outsourcing plans in order to offer a customised service adapted to each client and type of business. Our objective is to be able to provide the appropriate help according to each case. For that reason, we are flexible when making a proposal.

Outsourcing plan services:


The success of a company is a reflection of the talent working for it. The training and ongoing skills development of the professionals who make up a company is an investment in the resources responsible for developing and growing the company; it is investing in the company itself.

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.

Henry Ford

At Hutz & Posner Peru, we offer customised training plans for the professional growth of the employees within the company, providing a career plan that will help in the retention of talent and will be transformed into tangible benefits when achieving the organisation’s objectives.

Informes personalizados

Identify strengths and reinforce skills that improve work performance.

Pruebas complementarias

Detect opportunities for improvement and provide simple strategies to boost performance.


Through our talent development programmes, we set the direction necessary to align the workers’ objectives with those of the organisation and thus implement the necessary measures to achieve the company’s objectives:

  • Provide a general picture of the workers involved in the assessment.
  • Map talent in the various areas of the organisation.
  • Provide reliable information on the changes that could be made within the organisational chart.
  • Incorporation of adaptive behaviours and assertive attitudes.
Informes personalizados

Group and individual assessments

Informes personalizados

Workplace climate assessment

Informes personalizados

Consulting for needs detection

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