Headhunting & Executive search


Direct search for specialised professionals in the shortest time frame possible. We take care of the entire selection process.

Headhunting & Executive search


Outsourcing of campaigns with support sales staff to generate greater visibility of products at points of sale.

Headhunting & Executive search


Studies aimed at gathering different data that will facilitate decision making within HR departments.

Headhunting & Executive search


New approaches and professional outlets for the company’s talent, facilitating the progression towards the next work stage.

Headhunting & Executive search


Objective assessment of talent through technical and psychological tools that will help improve internal management and facilitate the hiring of the best  professionals.


We help companies find and hire the best qualified professionals on the market that fit their corporate culture. To cover the positions that our clients entrust to us, we undertake the selection process in a partial or complete way, providing at all times the support and information necessary to achieve successful contracting.

We adapt the outsourcing of the selection process according to the needs of each type of business, sector and position to ensure successful hiring and cost reduction.

Identificación de perfiles más adecuados

of the most suitable

Entrevistas por competencias

Interviews by skills

Pruebas complementarias


Informes personalizados


Participación activa en la negociación con candidatos

Active participation
in negotiations
with candidates


We are specialists in the search for and selection of personnel at senior management and middle management level and for key positions for the development of your business. At Hutz & Posner, we believe in specialisation as a fundamental tool for achieving success in the selection and, for that reason, we have a group of Headhunters, each one of them with expertise in a particular sector of the market. They are our consultants who, thanks to their proven experience, complete the processes in the shortest possible time and present the most appropriate talent for each position and client.


We supplement the selection of the best qualified professionals with a comprehensive service for the administrative management of talent. Delegating some of the responsibilities inherent in HR enables companies to focus on business development and economic growth.

We adapt our outsourcing services to the particular needs of each company and each type of business, offering different levels of outsourcing: partial, general and complete.


The outsourcing of a marketing and sales project involves the delegation of the entire marketing campaign of one or several products as part of a solution tailored for each client. The results translate into greater profitability of the products to be promoted. Having an outsourced sales network allows our customers to MAXIMISE their products, reaching a greater number of potential customers, without the need to grow in terms of structure.


We at Hutz & Posner undertake to implement the strategic marketing and sales action plan based on the direct marketing of the product between a specialised sales representative and the points of sales. We place at your disposal a sales network with a campaign adapted to the objectives of each product and we undertake to completely manage the network and achieve the objectives set.


A marketing and sales team will be responsible for planning, implementing and supervising the project from start to finish, always following the parameters established by the client and maintaining regular and direct communication.

If you win, we win!


The success of companies is a reflection of the talent working for them. The performance of employees is directly linked to their professional and economic satisfaction and their motivation within the company. Market studies oriented towards the HR area are tools that are used both to understand the degree of internal commitment and to ascertain external aspects that affect a company within its sector.

Salary studies

They help to establish the economic situation of a position within a market.

  • Identify the salary range of a specific position within a sector
  • Manage compensation for current talent and new hires
  • Make decisions according to the market situation to ensure the competitiveness of the company
  • Establish the risks of rotation of personnel based on remuneration
  • Retain, develop and motivate talent within the organisation

Work climate studies

They make it possible to ascertain the level of job satisfaction within an organisation.

  • Understand employees’ perceptions of the work environment.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement that will help establish an appropriate action plan.
  • Establish the strengths of the organisation to focus on actions that increase motivation.
  • Successfully develop the employer branding to increase the feeling of belonging and commitment of the employees.

360º Evaluation

Obtain information about employees, their skills and capabilities.

  • Establish the capabilities of employees related to skills and performance
  • Align employee and organisational objectives to achieve better results.
  • Manage talent in terms of position within the company.
  • Design a development and growth strategy for employees.
  • Define a corporate plan focused on the retention and development of talent.


Outplacement consists of facilitating the process of relocation of key employees, helping professionals to continue to develop their careers and redirect them to new job opportunities. Job hunting is a job in itself that requires not only dedication but also the right tools to obtain the desired results.

Hutz & Posner is a strategic partner for companies in times of restructuring and we help the professionals who have been affected to obtain the necessary tools to continue their professional growth in a new organisation. Our market knowledge and experience in the search for candidates and professional opportunities allow us to provide adequate support as follows:

  • We offer customised support for devising a relocation plan.
  • Identify the strengths and opportunities for professional improvement.
  • Advise and provide psychological support for the transition period.
  • Orientation and creation of personal and professional goals to achieve the desired objectives.
  • Training and preparation for interviews, identification of sectors and target companies, preparation of CVs.


Through an Assessment Centre the skills, strengths and capabilities of the candidates are assessed in order to establish, as accurately as possible, the extent to which their profile matches the specific characteristics of a job. In this way, you can select the most suitable personnel for the company and the vacancy thanks to the tools used, it has become the method par excellence for the selection of managers and key positions within an organisation as it is the best predictor.


The Assessment Centre consists of an evaluation system carried out by several specialised consultants in which different tools and tests are used to achieve a deeper and more complete analysis of the candidate’s capabilities, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. Its method is based on a series of tests, interviews and exercises which simulate real situations of the day to day of the company that help to predict the future performance of the candidates in the vacant position. Thanks to their effectiveness and number of assessors, attributes of candidates difficult to ascertain in a traditional interview are identified.

When it comes to finding the right candidate for a position, companies need to know in depth the capabilities, skills, strengths and areas for improvement of each applicant, so that they can decide with as much information as possible, the person who will be most successful and will bring the best solutions to your business. They can be used for internal promotion processes and for external recruitment.

  • It provides objective information, minimising the biases of an assessment, giving a more objective view on the achievements and capabilities of the candidates.
  • In-depth knowledge of the skills of the candidates in order to have the necessary information for the decision-making process.
  • Greater reliability in the results that it yields thanks to its method and to the fact that the assessment is carried out by several qualified persons.
  • Saving time in recruiting the right candidate.
  • It is very useful for multiple selection processes when it is necessary to cover several positions with similar characteristics.
  • It provides the necessary knowledge to establish career, training and retention of talent plans.

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